Sponsorships and Partnerships

Great things happen when we work together, especially with a common goal. At AllianzGI, we recognize and emphasize the power of collaboration. While we partner with clients to generate value for them every step of the way, we also join forces with alliances and organisations with a shared vision – making meaningful and positive impacts on our communities, societies and the environment.

With engagement and collaboration, we support and create platforms of ideas and initiatives.


We sponsor events – especially with a focus on sustainability – by leading and reputable organisations worldwide. By sponsoring these events, we encourage constructive dialogues and support the exchange of insights to address challenges and drive actions.
Our thought-leaders including sustainability investing experts also join as speakers and panelists to bring new perspectives and provide direction for staying on top of trends that will shape our future.


We team up with academia to forge long-term partnerships and empower next generations to achieve a sustainable future together.
Through these partnerships, we recognize and celebrate high-quality research and projects that focus on making a positive impact on our communities and environments.
They also serve as a platform encouraging more collaboration between the academic and the corporate worlds.

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