Our culture

Our culture is active, investment-oriented and client-centric. It is built on our core values of excellence, passion, integrity and respect – values for which we have held ourselves accountable over many years.

We are committed to delivering excellence for our clients, their advisors, our employees, our parent company and within our industry.

Our determination to understand our clients and the markets in which we operate has shaped our culture and our values. We seek to inspire both our clients and our colleagues with a passion for what we do.

We treat clients as our partners and strive to deliver a superior client experience based on principles of integrity, fairness and decency.

We respect difference and diversity and we reward individual performance as well as teamwork.

Delivering excellence

We seek to work with our clients over the long term, and their experience of us will be shaped by our culture – which we see as one of our biggest differentiators. We foster a merit-based, values-driven culture by embedding five attributes into the recruitment, goal-setting, appraisal and promotion processes for our employees.

Creating a better workplace

We foster a working environment where our people, performance and clients matter equally. We take a strong stance regarding inclusion and we care for the health, well-being and safety of our employees.

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As an active and responsible investor, we believe that building an inclusive organisation will unlock the power of diversity. By embracing difference, we will achieve better performance and greater innovation.

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